College and Career Resources

The Texas 4-H and Youth Development is committed to assisting young people, both in 4-H and not, have the resources and information to make the right decisions about their future.  To explore the opportunities for careers and colleges select the link below.

  • Free Application for Student Student Aid (FAFSA)– link
  • YouTube Video: Apply for Aid link
  • Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Compendium of Texas Colleges – link




  • 2018 ACA Scholarship Application  Due 4/1/2018
  • 2018 ACFA Scholarship Application (County Fair)  Due 4/1/2018
  • 2018 Jason Krueger Memorial Scholarship Due 4/16/2018
  •  ACLS Scholarship (County Stock Show)    DUE 4/15/2018
  • 2018 4-H Merit Scholarship Application
  • 2018 Glenn Weigang Memorial Scholarship

Texas 4-H and Youth Development Scholarship Opportunities and Information  





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